The most versatile of the all modules allowing complete control of watering and feeding schedules, automated pH regulation and full crop security. 

TankBot comes included with: 1 x pH sensor – 1 x water temp sensor – 4x 4-pin connectors for sensors and actuators – 1 x 12v transformer.

Control your nutrients and pH with the use of peristaltic pumps based on the pH and EC probes connected to TankBot.

Connect any tank you wish and automate the replenishment of your water tank via solenoid valves, or renew it when the time is right. Thanks to the clever level sensors, TankBot is constantly measuring the amount of water in your tank as to always maintain the optimum condition.

Use TankBots 8 sockets to connect 4 actuators of 12 volt (peristaltic pumps, solenoid valves etc.…) and 4 switch sensors of your choice; Water level sensors, moisture sensors, temperature sensors and to protect you from fires and intrusions, smoke sensors, cameras, lasers and motion detectors.

For scalability, up to 4x TankBots can be added to a single GroNode module. 4x TankBots provide you with the possibility of controlling up to 16 sensors of your choice (sensors that act as a switch) and 16 12- or 24-volt actuators with a maximum of 5 Watts per output (delivered with one 12v transformer).

An example of further features you can use TankBots connections to multitask:

  • Add multiple additives and fertiliser to your nutrient solution to the water through peristaltic pumps.

  • Regulate the water’s pH through peristaltic pumps.

  • Automate the peristaltic pumps through the pH and EC sensors.

  • Fill the water tank using an electrovalve connected to a tap.

  • Automate the filling of the tank using water level sensors.

  • Monitor and control water temperature through its temperature sensor.


** The options are limitless. TankBot really is only limited by your imagination **

Security & Safety Protocols:


  • Control smoke and fires using detectors that activate themselves and close a circuit (relay).

  • Activate sprinklers connected to electrovalves linked to the main water outlet.

  • Send orders to disable the extraction systems to prevent oxygenating possible fires.

  • Send orders to turn off the lighting systems to prevent fires if smoke has been detected.

  • Locate potential intrusions through motion sensors and / or lasers that are activated by closing a circuit (relay).