Welcome to truly intelligent automation for your indoor grow!
GroLab is the UK's first all-in-one fully automated grow-on-the-go system.  Its award-winning* design is bringing urban growing environments into the 21st Century.  This cutting-edge technology is available in an assortment of easy configurations for all growing mediums, including Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Soil, Coco and Rockwool.
In today’s day and age our time is a valuable concept.  Growing with GroLab means no more arduous labour and time-consuming maintenance.  GroLab puts you in the growing seat but with none of the hard work.  GroLab does everything for you, apart from harvest or collect your crop…. But that’s the fun bit, right?!
And for those most discerning of growers who prefer the hands-on approach, now you can spend that valuable time with your plants as quality time, in the knowledge that a happy crop is a healthy crop.
The GroLab system lets you use your existing investment in equipment while controlling everything from climate and irrigation to nutrient dosage and security. It enables you to choose what combination of variables you want to control to test and optimise your environment for the best crop yield possible. No extra bells and whistles (unless you so desire).  Just good clean growing at a price point that fits.
The grow revolution really is upon us.  Never before has the urban grower experienced such an easy to use state-of-the-art grow system
Have complete control anywhere, anytime using either a laptop or mobile phone via the intuitive GroLab software provided. Grow with confidence and add a level of unparalleled freedom and control to your grow at the touch of a ‘green’ finger from the palm of your hand.  Once a fantasy but now a growing reality. 
Scale at your own speed.  Size does not matter!  The magic of GroLab is precisely in its ability to scale and adapt to any type of environment, whether you are growing small crops in an urban environment or growing large crops in a commercial operation, GroLab will have you covered in every eventuality. 
GROWOLOGY: An innovative merging of growing & CEA technology.
Welcome to the future!

GroLab is brought to you by a team of engineers and enthusiastic growers looking to develop and provide an all in one growing product for the most discerning of indoor growing enthusiasts. 

* CannaFest Prague 2016 | Category - Best Product.