The complete all in one power unit module.  With the PowerBot module every variable is under your direct control.  It is everything you need to automate all the basic elements of your grow project, allowing you to maximise growth and efficiency.

PowerBot can support a limit of 2300W (per outlet and in total) or unlimited power when using external electrical contactor.  This means a single module can control hundreds of lamps distributed in up to four independent areas.  The secret is to route all the energy through electrical contactors that will provide all that power. PowerBot will simply be in charge of activating the contactor managing all that energy without problems.


For scalability, up to 4x PowerBots can be added to a single GroNode.  4x PowerBots equal 16 independent electrical connectors and four temperature and moisture sensors which can control up to 4 independent growing areas for scalability.

The module comes designed with helpful illustrations to quickly and clearly identify what unit is plugged where.

Security & Safety Protocols

  • Turn off electrical elements that hinder safety at specific times.

  • Ensure that the temperatures do not exceed the required limits and act accordingly.

  • Cut water flow to prevent flooding.