The essential module for soil grown crops. SoilBot has the ability to monitor any substrate’s moisture regardless of whether it is soil, rock wool, coconut or a recurrent dipping of roots in water. That’s right even SoilBot can be used in a hydroponic set up!

SoilBot comes included with: 2 x moisture sensors – 1 x temperature sensor for substrate medium – 1x flood detector.

This is a fantastic module to automate the self-supply of water to your plants with confidence, saving you valuable time.  Equipped with flood sensors, it will quickly detect water leaks, excess water (flooding) and automatically activate the safety features that have been programmed (water or power failure) notifying you via the alerts system of any anomaly.

Through its sensors, the moisture content of the substrate will remain stable and balanced in any growing medium.  This allows plants to feed themselves when they need while minimizing the consumption of water and fertilizer.  Grow your crop success rate not your footprint!

This module can monitor up to four different grow mediums and will control the irrigation of four separate plants at any one time.

Up to 4 x SoilBots can be added to a single GroNode.  4x SoilBots can provide 16 substrate moisture sensors with which to control multiple groups of plants. 8 substrate temperature sensors and 8 flood detectors. Each SoilBot Box comes with 2 moisture sensors, 1 temperature sensor and 1 flood detector. You can add the extra sensors you need.

Security & Safety Protocols

  • Disable lighting if your plants are not getting the water they need in order to avoid drying.

  • Check the soil and avoid flooding (by disconnecting the irrigation and electrical devices that threaten safety).