A state of the art grow module which lends itself as the heart & brain of the whole operation.  It is currently the only grow controller in the UK market capable of recording hundreds of user instructions and storing hundreds of thousands of data results to query charts about the state of the user’s crop.

It is one unit able to control all the parameters of your grow with extreme precision.  The module communicates through radio frequency with a range of 25 meters indoors (depending on obstacles) and 100 meters in open spaces with a maximum of 4 modules of each kind.  


It can support the management of up to 16x modules and has the ability to store up to 100 programmable actions and sequences.

GroNode will manage all your communications and commands with software installed on either your PC or smartphone.  You can choose whether you connect the module to a router or not.  When the router is enabled you can choose to remotely connect to the module and the intuitive software provided will send you real time alerts and updates, so you are in full control of your grow space anywhere, anytime. 

Note: If you are not interested in having GroNode connected to the internet because you are concerned about security and do not require real time notifications, then you only have to enable the router without internet connection in your cultivation area and connect with GroLab through your Wi-Fi signal.

If you wish NOT to use a router at all then connection through a 4G wireless dongle is entirely possible.

For scalability, up to 4x modules of each type can be added to a single GroNode - 4x PowerBots, 4x TankBots and 4x SoilBots.

Security & Safety Protocols:

  • Emit a loud beep if a safety alarm is detected.

  • Send notices to the computers connected to the local network enabled with GroLab Software.

  • Send notices to the PC connected to the local network with GroLab Software activated in the background.

  • Send messages to multiple online platforms (Email, Twitter, Facebook), This requires an Internet connection.